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Our Services

We offer environmental services in the areas listed below

Environmental Services

  • Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Ecology, biodiversity & Eco-restoration
  • Environmental Audits and Assessments and Environmental Management Plans
  • Wastewater
  • Air and Noise Pollution
  • Stack Testing
  • Environmental briefings
  • Environmental policy & strategy
  • Environmental risk assessment & risk management
  • Geospatial services

Geo Chemical and Geo Physical Services

  • Heritage
  • Hydrogeology & groundwater remediation
  • Artificial recharge and rainwater harvesting
  • Site Investigation for groundwater
  • Natural resource management
  • Water resources & environment

Marine Services

  • Positioning for Pipe laying and maintenance using RTK and D-GPS.
  • Identification of Navigational Routes.
  • Physical Oceanographic studies and Bathymetry survey.
  • Ocean Circulation Modeling and Sediment Dynamics.
  • GIS Solutions for Coastal habitats.

Other Services

  • Hydro-geological investigations.
  • Groundwater remediation and assessments.
  • Assessment of Health and status of the Ecosystems.
  • Eco Toxicological Assessments (Including Laboratory Studies).
  • Environmental Impact assessments.
  • Geo Technical Investigations.
  • Supply of Barges and vessels.
  • Deep sea deployment and retrieval.

Gmct Method Statement

GMCT Personnel have extensive experience in conducting regional geological and hydrogeological studies, environmental and geotechnical studies in India and abroad.

GMCT has successfully completed several hydrological and geological assessments, DGPS survey projects, coastal zone management, Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Geotechnical Investigations, installation of monitoring wells, baseline soil, air, noise and ground water monitoring and remediation programmes for companies covering various fields of operations.